Introducing a brand new range for 2019

Here at Peugeot Presse Pro, we aim to introduce you to the latest announcements, vehicles and innovations from Peugeot.

2019 was definitely the year of Peugeot. The year is not over yet, but our vehicles have dominated the market. How come? Simple – we provide a deep degree of customization that no other vehicle manufacturer does. Second, we offer excellent value for money. Why would you settle for something bad when you can pay the same for a premium vehicle?

Convenience, comfort and style

  2019 is a thriving year for Peugeot – no doubts about it. Our cars dominate the market in terms of sales and reliability.  While we are planning on expanding the production and increasing these collections for longer due to how well they were received, we are also planning on innovating even more. We are researching new solutions to make our vehicles even more efficient and environmentally friendly. A higher level of customization may also be available in the future.