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Ordering e-liquid from overseas can cut your expenses a bit but US suppliers are more reliable, they deliver on time, and there will be less hassle dealing with customs.

Customer service plays important role in all aspects. Many big companies have the ability to fill large orders and offer low prices, but sometimes it can be a pain to deal with customer service. Liquids are delivered in the wrong flavor or strength, orders get lost, and it could take days before the support team responds to your complaint.

ELiquid Depot provides you with the service you deserve. They even talk to customers personally to get their feedback and suggestions on how to improve their product selection. You can immediately know how ELiquid Depot values customer service with the way it handles your first inquiry.

Let’s talk about Price. The main reason why you are buying wholesale e-liquid is to cut costs, so naturally price will play a huge factor in selecting your supplier. Getting the lowest possible rate is key to making large profit margins in your vapor shop.

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ELiquid Depot is a one stop solution for most of your vaping needs. This will always give you the advantage to have other products as well like mod, jull pod, tanks, coils, disposable vapes etc. While they offer one-stop service for all your vaping needs, they specialize in e-liquids and it is advisable to buy wholesale eliquid from specialists.

You want a wholesaler that pours all of its resources to making e-liquids, not someone that offers refills to complement vape product line. ELiquid Depot specializes only in e-liquid with its entire R&D and production process focused on creating the best e-juice so you get the most delicious flavors that have been mixed in a controlled environment.